size guide

(This size guide is for i-D clothing and may differ between products and collaborations)


i-D Tees

XS - 47.5cm (width), 61cm (length)          L - 55cm (width), 72cm (length)

S - 50cm (width), 68cm (length)            XL - 57cm (width), 74cm (length)

M - 53cm (width), 70cm (length)

i-D Long Sleeve T-Shirts

S - 46cm (width), 68cm (length), 61cm (sleeve)      L - 55cm (width), 76cm (length), 65cm (sleeve)

M - 51cm (width), 74cm (length), 63.5cm (sleeve)   XL - 61cm (width), 77cm (length), 66cm (sleeve)

i-D Hoodies

S - 54cm (width), 70cm (length), 66cm (sleeve)      L - 61cm (width), 76.5cm (length), 70cm (sleeve)         

M - 58.5cm (width), 72cm (length), 68cm (sleeve)  XL - 64cm (width), 78cm (length), 71cm (sleeve)